"Tennis for All" Fund

Returning this season!!!

The “Tennis for All” Fund, set up by the Shediac Tennis Club in cooperation with our sponsors, seeks to give everyone a chance to play this great sport.

Individuals or families interested in playing tennis and requiring financial assistance can apply for the fund by contacting a member of the executive committee, by sending an e-mail to info@shediactennis.ca or simply by filling out the form that is available on our Web site.

Applications are strictly confidential and any individual or family applying will be accepted. The fund is available for both former and new members. Amounts provided can be used for club membership (family or individual) and/or for registration to group lessons. However, you must be a member of the Club if you wish to take lessons paid for by the fund. Amounts available are based on the number of requests received.

Applications will be accepted in two stages so that players or potential players can apply for different club activities. The first deadline is aimed at spring lessons: the deadline for applying is May 15. The second deadline, for summer lessons, is June 15. Players and potential players can apply for both spring and summer lessons.

Individuals or families who send in an application form will receive a confirmation message and be informed of the amount awarded before registration begins. Amounts provided will simply be deducted from the total amount due by an individual or family.

In order for sponsors to know how many people they have helped, the Shediac Tennis Club will advise them of the amount given but will not provide any information whatsoever on the individuals or families.

Please send your completed application form by mail to:

Shediac Tennis Club
166, Caissie Avenue
Shediac NB E4P 1K5