Adult Lessons – 2016 Season

There will be a maximum of 8 players per group at any level, however a minimum of 3 players is required within the group. If there is more than 8 players interested in a level then we will try to create more groups.

For members of the Club, the cost is $30 per session of 8 lessons or $5 per lessons. For the non-members of the Club, the cost is $8 per lessons (when room is available). The details to become a member of the Club and the other benefits of being a member are listed in the “The Club / To become a member” section on this web site.

Payment for the lessons can be made the same day as the first lesson, however please arrive early enough so that it can all be done before the start time of the lesson.

Session #1: Summer group lessons (8 weeks):

  • 1 hour per lesson
  • 1 lesson per week
  • 8 weeks of lessons from June 26 to August 18
  • Members: $30 for 8 lessons or $5 per lesson
  • Non-members: $8 per lesson (if room is available)

If the weather does not cooperate, then the class will not be cancelled but will instead be rescheduled to another day or time. An e-mail will be sent with the updated schedule.

To register for these lessons you must first become a member of the Club. Please check the Membership section for the details on how to register.

There is also the option to have private lessons, please see the section "Tennis lessons / Private lessons" dor more details.

Part-time group lessons:

Part-time group lessons are allowed however:

  • priority will be given to those that prefer full time lessons
  • they will only be allowed if there is room in the current groups.
  • we will not create new groups to fit part-time lessons.